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Sera, Toyama, Matsukura & Kawaguchi / Kohhara & Fujita
NIWA, Takeshi
Japanese Patent Attorney, M.S.
JPAA Registration Number
Japan Patent Attorneys Association(JPAA), Licensing Executives Society Japan
Biotechnology and Chemistry
Senior Partner
Official Position
Vice President
Career to date and Achievements

Takeshi Niwa joined our firm in 2003 after actively participating as a researcher and developer of amino-acid fermentation technology in the Japanese food industry. He manages the firm's Chemistry & Biotechnologies group. He has made many achievements in patent prosecutions of functional materials, chemical processes, biotechnologies, and foods.

Qualifications and Educations

M.S. in Agrochemistry, School of Agriculture, Kyushu University

Personal Notes

His personal interests include reading books and watching sports.