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Newsletter(No.37) - Prior user right in Japan -
IP News
Newsletter(No.36) - Changes Effective on and after April 1, 2023 Pertaining to the Patent Act and other IP-related Acts of Japan -
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Newsletter(No.35) - Revision of Requirements of Non-Exclusive Licensees’ Consent to Request for Correction of Patent, etc -
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Newsletter(No.34) - 2021 Revision of Trademark Act:Tightening regulations on influx of counterfeit goods imported from overseas -
IP News
Newsletter(No.33) - Restrictions on Multi-Multi Claims in Japan -
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Newsletter(No.32) - Anti-Internet Piracy Measures provided by the Copyright Act of Japan -
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Newsletter(No.31) - Relief Measures for procedures affected by Covid-19 pandemic -
Increase of Official Fees for Registration and Renewal of Trademark Rights in Japan

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An increasingly complex and intertwined technological field.
Our patent attorneys, each with their own areas of expertise, work together to support our clients.
We aim to be a total advisor for intellectual property.

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The Firm is one of the first in the industry to operate with a telecommuting work system.


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