Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright, International Contracting, Legal case, Intellectual property right
SERA, Kazunobu
Japanese Patent Attorney, Litigation Certified
JPAA Registration Number
Patents (electrophotography, automobile-related technologies, and precision machines), industrial designs, trademarks, and IP-related litigations
Partner Emeritus
Official Position
Senior Adviser
Career to date and Achievements

Kazunobu Sera founded K. Sera & Associates in 1981. After jointly establishing Sera, Toyama, Matsukura & Kawaguchi by merger in 1998, he has been actively involved in the firm's management as a partner. He has been handling patent and trademark prosecutions, representing a broad range of clients before the Japan Patent Office. His fortes lie in appraisal of IP rights to provide opinions regarding patentability, validity and infringements, and litigations, with which he possesses a wealth of experience.

Qualifications and Educations

B.A. in Law, Faculty of Law, Chuo University, 1971
M.A. in Advanced Study of Business Law, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, 2007