Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright, International Contracting, Legal case, Intellectual property right
KAWAGUCHI, Yoshiyuki
Japanese Patent Attorney, Litigation Certified, Ph.D.
JPAA Registration Number
Japan Patent Attorneys Association(JPAA)
Biotechnology and Chemistry
Official Position
Special Advisor
Career to date and Achievements

Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi joined our firm in 1991. After serving as head of our Chemistry & Biotechnologies group, he has served as President and then Chairman of the firm.

Prior to joining our firm, he was engaged in research on production of useful substances by recombinant techniques, and lipase genes from lipase producing yeast. His works have been published in the scientific journal "Nature". He has significant experience with prosecutions and litigations in which he has represented both academic and industrial clients, who focus on research and development in biotechnology, organic and inorganic chemistry, medicines, cosmetics and food.

Qualifications and Educations

Ph.D. in Agriculture, University of Tokyo

Personal Notes

In his free time, he enjoys the traditional art of Japanese tea ceremony (Sado) and listening to classical music.