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Restrictions on Multi-Multi Claims in Japan
Anti-Internet Piracy Measures provided by the Copyright Act of Japan
Relief Measures for procedures affected by Covid-19 pandemic
Recent Developments in Japan on Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs)
Act regarding Partial Revisions of Patent Act and Other Acts enacted on May 14, 2021
Data Protection
Amendment of Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act in 2020
2019 Revisions to Patent Act of Japan in 2019: Changes in patent litigation system
Establishment of Inspection System
Outline of Accelerated Examination/Accelerated Appeal Examination System for Trademarks in Japan
Revision of 2019 to the Design Act
Case Study on Patent Examination of AI-related inventions
Act of Partial Revision of the Patent Act, etc. (Act No. 3 of May 17, 2019)
Office Actions in Japan regarding use of or intent to use trademarks
Patent Eligibility of Business Model Invention
Examination Guidelines in Life Sciences
Legal Remedies of Expiry of Time Limit in PCT International Application
One-Year Grace Period as Exception of Novelty-Destroying Disclosure, available from June 9, 2018 in Japan
Examination Guidelines for IoT-related Technology
Systems for early obtaining of patents in Japan
Foreign language application system
Revised Examination Guidelines for Trademarks (13th Edition) of the Japan Patent Office (JPO)
IP trends and Judicial Precedent on the Extended Patent Right of a Medicament
Reduction/Exemption Systems of Patent Fees and Other Fees
Provisions introduced upon joining the Patent Law Treaty
Use Invention of Foods
Revised Examination Guidelines for Design expand registrable "design including a graphic image on a screen"
Computer Software-related Invention in Japan
Product by Process Claim
Point of Attention in filing an International Design Application designating Japan
Reconsideration by Examiner before Appeal
Revision of the Trademark Act
Patent Opposition will come into force next year
IP Trends and Expansion of Legal remedies