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Newsletter(No.32) - Anti-Internet Piracy Measures provided by the Copyright Act of Japan -
Newsletter(No.31) - Relief Measures for procedures affected by Covid-19 pandemic -
Increase of Official Fees for Registration and Renewal of Trademark Rights in Japan
Newsletter(No.30) - Recent Developments in Japan on Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) -
Newsletter(No.29) - Act regarding Partial Revisions of Patent Act and Other Acts enacted on May 14, 2021 -
Newsletter(No.28) - Data Protection -
Newsletter(No.27) - Amendment of Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act in 2020 -
Newsletter(No.26) - 2019 Revisions to Patent Act of Japan in 2019: Changes in patent litigation system -
Newsletter(No.25) - Establishment of Inspection System -
IMABORI Katsuhiko has been appointed as the president of IP Firm SHUWA
Current situation of IP Firm SHUWA in Tokyo
Newsletter(No.24) - Outline of Accelerated Examination/Accelerated Appeal Examination System for Trademarks in Japan -
Transition to remote work with temporary closure of physical office in Tokyo
Newsletter(No.23) - Revision of 2019 to the Design Act -
Newsletter(No.22) - Case Study on Patent Examination of AI-related inventions -
Newsletter(No.21) - Act of Partial Revision of the Patent Act, etc. (Act No. 3 of May 17, 2019) -
Newsletter(No.20) - Office Actions in Japan regarding use of or intent to use trademarks -
Newly registered patent attorney(TAKEDA Naoya, OKADA Chikara)
Newsletter(No.19) - Patent Eligibility of Business Model Invention -
Newsletter(No.18) - Examination Guidelines in Life Sciences -
We change our management form
Newsletter(No.17) - Legal Remedies of Expiry of Time Limit in PCT International Application -
Newsletter(Special) - One year grace period available from June 9, 2018 in Japan -
Newsletter(No.16) - Examination Guidelines for IoT-related Technology -
Newsletter(No.15) - Systems for early obtaining of patents in Japan -
Newsletter(No.14) - Foreign language application system -
Newsletter(No.13) - Revised Examination Guidelines for Trademarks (13th Edition) of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) -
Newsletter(No.12) - IP trends and Judicial Precedent on the Extended Patent Right of a Medicament -
Awarded as Boutique Patent Law Firm of the Year 2017 in Japan
Newsletter(No.11) - Reduction/Exemption Systems of Patent Fees and Other Fees -
Newsletter(No.10) - Provisions introduced upon joining the Patent Law Treaty -
Training Report:Services and their Roles of Patent Firm
Newsletter(No.9) - Use Invention of Foods -
Newsletter(No.8) - Revised Examination Guidelines for Design expand registrable "design including a graphic image on a screen" -
Newsletter(No.7) - Computer Software-related Invention in Japan -
Newsletter(No.6) - Product by Process Claim -
Newsletter(No.5) - Point of Attention in filing an International Design Application designating Japan -
Patent attorney's picture was renewed
Newsletter(No.4) - Reconsideration by Examiner before Appeal -
2nd edition of Guidebook for Japanese IP system
Announcement of merger with KOHHARA & FUJITA and the new name of our firm
Newsletter(No.3) - Revision of the Trademark Act -
Newsletter(No.2) - Patent Opposition will come into force next year -
Newsletter(No.1) - IP Trends and Expansion of Legal remedies -
Software-Related Invention in Japan
Amendments under the Japanese Patent Law
We held a training course as a part of the Training Course under the WIPO Funds-in-Trust/Japan (01,Feb/13)
Medicinal Inventions under the Japanese Patent Practice
Explanation about Japanese Patent Practice
Relaunched our website !