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We held a training course as a part of the Training Course under the WIPO Funds-in-Trust/Japan(01,Feb/13)

On February 1, 2013, we welcomed examiners of Patent Offices of Asian countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam) to AGORA Nihonbashi on the 4th floor of Sera, Toyama, Matsukura & Kawaguchi (STMK) and held a training course named "Practices and Roles of Patent Firms in Japan" as a part of the Training Course for Patent Examiners under the WIPO Funds-in-Trust/Japan. Mr. Toyama (Patent Attorney), Mr. Hirakawa (Patent Attorney), Mr. Imabori (Patent Attorney), Mr. Takata (Patent Attorney), Mr. Shimoda (Patent Attorney), Mr. Kusama and Mr. Oshima of STMK participated as organizers.

During the course, Mr. Imabori made a presentation named "Main Role of Japanese Patent Firms", followed by "Firm Tour" to take a look at our firm and "Discussion Session" to exchange opinions regarding the patent practices in Japan.

As we had many questions and opinions from the Asian examiners, we had to extend the time for the lively discussions.