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Why choose IP Firm SHUWA?

We provide solutions and satisfaction for our clients. Our organizational power and individual expertise help us in achieving this.

Our firm, IP Firm SHUWA, is a major intellectual property firm in Japan. We boast having over forty patent attorneys with more than seventy technical and clerical staff, which ranks us in the top 1% of all patent firms in size in Japan.

Our highly skilled patent attorneys and technology experts provide reliable services in every field of intellectual property, i.e. patents, designs, trademarks, and copyrights.

We have been offering services for nearly thirty years since its foundation along with new members. We guarantee long years of good relations with our clients and we are confident in providing you with the most satisfactory services to obtain and protect your intellectual property right.

The Japanese name of our firm, "Shuwa" consists of two Kanji (Chinese) characters that mean "excellence" and "harmony".

Our History

IP Firm SHUWA changes its management form from partnership to professional corporation in 2018.

Our firm, IP Firm SHUWA, was named in April 2015 at merger of two patent firms - one is SERA, TOYAMA, MATSUKURA & KAWAGUCHI, a notable firm in IP matters, and the other KOHHARA & FUJITA, a notable firm in Trademark matters.

The firm, KOHHARA & FUJITA, was founded by Shuya Kohhara and Masahiko Fujita in 2002.

SERA, TOYAMA, MATSUKURA & KAWAGUCHI, was named in 1998 at merger of two patent firms - one is K.SERA & Associates and the other TOYAMA, MATSUKURA & KAWAGUCHI.

The firm, TOYAMA, MATSUKURA & KAWAGUCHI, formerly SATO & TOYAMA, was founded by Munenori Sato and Tsutomu Toyama in 1984.

The firm, K.SERA & Associates, formerly Sera Patent Office, was founded by Kazunobu Sera in 1981.

Overseas Clients

We, IP Firm SHUWA, are proud to be ranked in the top 1% of all patent firms in size in Japan for having well over thirty patent attorneys. We have had experience with many intellectual property matters including prosecutions, appeal proceedings of patent, trademark and design applications, and oppositions to trademarks for many years. Attorneys in our firm can work in English as well as in Japanese, and are qualified to work for clients in more than fifty countries worldwide. Please feel free to contact us from anywhere in the world; we highly welcome overseas clients.

We cover many areas of patents by forming groups of experts in closely related areas of machines, electrics, electronics, information technologies, chemistry and biotechnologies; trademarks and designs. We provide systematic support for our clients to obtain and exercise useful rights in Japan.